News about the White Rage movie.

White Rage is part of Yle's new Classic Documentaries collection that collects together some of the nationally significant documentaries of the past decades.

The first 15 documentary films were published 31.5.2021 and the collection will have more documentaries to come in Fall 2021.

The films are now available for streaming on Yle Areena website (available only in Finland region).


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Manaki Brothers film festival and Skopje's Inner Wheel Club awarded Arto Halonen a diploma of honor for his significant work regarding tolerance. Halonen's White Rage movie has had special screenings for students in in North Macedonia, and it has furthered discussion on preventing school bullying and discrimination.

The diploma was handed to Halonen by the festival director Gena Teodosievska (on the right) and Maja Babíc (on the left) from Inner Wheel Club.


White Rage has been granted the Green Rose award at Jaipur International Film Festival. The criteria for the awarded film was “film that gives a global message”. White Rage, which puts school bullying and school shootings into juxtaposition, was competing in the category of Feature Documentaries.

Arto Halonen’s White Rage was awarded at Millennium Docs Against Gravity film festival in Warsaw on Saturday. Millennium Docs Against Gravity, held for the 13th time this year, is one of the most distinguished documentary film festivals in Europe, attended by over 40 000 people in 2015.

Finnish cinematographer Peter Flinckenberg is mentioned on the American entertainment magazine Variety's list of 10 cinematographers to watch. Flinckenberg, along with the talented Mika Orasmaa, was responsible for the cinematography of White Rage, as well. 

Arts Promotion Centre Finland has allocated quality support for the film White Rage. On giving reason for the decision the council wrote: "An ambitiously made film describes meritoriously how violence can create violence."

Arto Halonen’s film White Rage has been selected to two important European documentary film festivals.

Rokumentti Film Festival has selected White Rage as its opening film. This will also be the film's world premiere. The screening will take place on November 11th 2015 in Joensuu and the director Arto Halonen is also present.

The official movie poster of White Rage is now available. The premiere for the movie in Finland is November 27th, 2015.

Together with the film Art Films production, VLMedia, The Finnish Association of Mental Health and The School Cinema Association are organising a tour focusing on the importance of early and faster intervention with bullying, as well as the meaning of mental health work and social work. Tour dates and places will be released later on.

White Rage, the documentary film produced by Art Films production and directed by Arto Halonen, is coming to the screens by the end of 2015.